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Impact Outreach

We are a Prophetic ministry that is led by the Holy Spirit in the operation of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers to go out into communities while working together with churches to help, aid, and assist, spiritually, emotionally, and physically through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Our Vision

Our Vision

To see the Book of Acts fulfilled all through our communities, cities, and states! We want to see the power of the Holy Spirit flow in our communities through the sick being healed and they will recover, miracles, signs and wonders will happen just like the book of Acts! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will have divine business ideas and solutions to impact the Kingdom of God! We will see this on display doing crusades going from city to city, and equipping and partnering with churches in discipleship programs, teaching and helping to identify 5-fold ministry leaders and gifts so that we as the church can be more effective and aggressive creating more disciples and fulfilling the great commission!

Meet the Leadership Team

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Steven Payten II - President

Steven Payten II graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts & Science and leveraged his degree to excel as a Marketing & Sales Manager for Scotts Miracle Gro. Under his leadership, his market consistently ranked as market of the year and remained in the top three during his tenure. He further honed his skills by graduating from Dale Carnegie Training, enhancing his ability to connect effectively with others.

A devoted husband and father, Steven's faith and family are central to his life. He married his high school sweetheart, a creative and marketing expert, and together they are parents to five wonderful children. Committed to expanding the kingdom of God, Steven has served as an assistant pastor across various churches and previously as a youth pastor 14 years ago. Feeling called back to youth ministry and to support churches with an apostolic grace, he remains deeply involved in his faith community.

In the business realm, Steven has achieved notable success, building a $7.8 million multilevel marketing enterprise. Currently, he is channeling his expertise and passion into Multi-Family Commercial Real Estate.

Lorrel Churn - Vice President

Lorrel Churn is a distinguished business professional with a solid educational background. She graduated from Maple Heights High School in 2002 and went on to earn her Bachelor of Business Administration from Kent State University in 2007. She is the founder and owner of Purposeful Impact LLC, specializing in Christian business coaching and consulting for new entrepreneurs.

With over a decade of experience in commercial banking, Lorrel has successfully scaled her first business to a 7-figure revenue and was featured in Success From Home Magazine in 2014. Amid the pandemic, she established her second business, achieving a 6-figure income. This enterprise is recognized by the Ohio Department of Development as both a Minority Business Enterprise and a Women Business Enterprise. Lorrel has maintained her status as a full-time entrepreneur for over 11 years.

Committed to giving back, Lorrel actively supports her community by providing essential resources like food, clothing, and gifts to those in need. She also serves on the board of Impact Outreach Ministries, INC., an Outreach Program based in Cleveland.

Above all her achievements, Lorrel cherishes her relationship with Jesus Christ, her 17-year marriage, and her roles as a mother to her son and daughter as her most significant accomplishments.

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Kusana Davis - Director of Outreach

Kusana Davis is an adept Training Facilitator with over 21 years of experience in communications. She specializes in educating adults on work and life skills, personal growth, and spiritual development across diverse backgrounds.

As an Independent Business Partner, Kusana assists families and businesses in enhancing their lifestyles, refining business practices, and generating residual income through essential services.

From a young age, inspired by the Godly love in her family, Kusana felt called to serve others. She was ordained as an Evangelist at 19 and currently serves as a Minister, Praise and Worship Leader, and Children's Ministry assistant at her church. She also engages in pastoral care, visiting and praying with the sick and shut-in, and serves multiple communities across states.

Kusana is a proud mother of six children, each contributing unique gifts to enrich the body of Christ. Her family's mission is to instill in her children a deep understanding and reverence for God, nurturing a legacy of faith for generations to come.

Romell Graves - Director of Education

Romell earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University and later obtained a Master's degree in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. His professional journey has taken him through private practice, mental health hospitals, residential settings, and in-home counseling.

As the CEO of Kingdom Life Solutions, Romell serves as a marriage and family therapist in the Columbus, Ohio metro area. With 15 years of marriage to his wife, affectionately known as Stringbean, and three cherished children, his commitment to family and community is unwavering.

A dedicated member of Vineyard Columbus, Romell balances his professional commitments with personal interests. He's an avid fan of Ohio State Football and the 49ers and maintains an active lifestyle through regular workouts. In his leisure time, Romell enjoys quality family moments, whether playing Uno with his children or engaging in a game of spades with extended family.

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Tiffany Payten - Director of Marketing

Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from The Ohio State University, specializing in English. Married for 17 years to her childhood sweetheart, she is a mother to five children and has successfully homeschooled them since 2016 while maintaining a successful career.

In addition to her homeschooling commitment, Tiffany achieved a leadership position in a multilevel marketing business and contributed to her husband's $7.8 million multilevel marketing enterprise. Her experience in business management and event planning inspired her to launch her own graphic design venture, TCP Designs By Tiffany. Tiffany's entrepreneurial spirit has also influenced her children to start their own businesses: Payten Made Lemonade & Bake Shop and Kingdom Apparel.

Committed to philanthropy, Tiffany's values of giving back to the community were instilled by her grandmother and mother. She and her family actively support various charitable organizations and assist those in need within their family and community.

Driven by her desire to use her God-given talents to inspire and make a difference, Tiffany balances her professional life with quality family time, watching movies, playing video games, and serving at her church.

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